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  • Need – Orvam: A Song For Home
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    Need – Orvam: A Song For Home       This certain album reveals to us the Hellenic progressive scene at its finest. With long songs in duration, that not only don’t tire you, on the contrary they keep the listener’s interest unabated, with the unbelievable rhythm alternations, amazing vocals, sometimes dreamy, sometimes brutal, sometimes performing eastern vocal lines and sometimes they reach the limits of death metal. The band’s influences are obvious while filtered through the band’s own view. They allow the compositions to breathe though not afraid…
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  • Hush ‘N Rush – Welcome To The Slum
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    Hush ‘N Rush – Welcome To The Slum The revivalism of the 70s hard rock style, is a global effect, that more and more bands seem to embrace, to the amusement of the fans of this certain genre. Of course, the big difference from then to nowadays, is in the sound and the production, something that attributes bigger freshness to today’s bands.         In any case, anyhow, those who differ with their music from this day and age, will find pleasantly a place in every record collection, next to…
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  • Masquera Di Ferro - Reflection
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    Masquera Di Ferro - Reflection In the last years, due to the blooming of the web technology, many “critics” of the Greek rock scene have popped out, whose knowledge are limited to what some others told them to write or, in the best of the cases, to write something only aiming to show that they also have a sense of this scene.  But when you write about an album you heard, the last thing that may interests you should be its critique. Surely it will…
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  • Prassein Aloga – Under Surveillance
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    Prassein Aloga – Under Surveillance Everything flows and nothing stays in the same conditions, were the words of the Greek philosopher HERAKLEITOS. How much, truly, this quote matches with PRASSEIN ALOGA, as in their eighteen year old career have undergone many changes, both in band members as in musical style. Already, from their previous album "MIDAS TOUCH", the turn into pure metal paths, has been obvious, let alone their change from Greek to English lyrics. For what reason, anyone would wonder but the answer is…
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  • Trans-Siberian Orchestra
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    Trans-Siberian Orchestra Sometimes, when you are trying to write about something that touches perfection, words have no meaning. Αll the keys on the keyboard seem to be dancing and moving constantly, into rhythms and melodies you are keeping inside you while busting your mind to fit into 5 lines the countless emotions bursting from inside of you. Such a feeling was when i sat down to write a few words, after listening to all  of their albums, about TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA. Enough said…
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